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Have you opened a catering facility and want to strengthen your business?

Station 24 is a complete software solution for catering facility that covers the entire cycle of your business.

The existing solution that you have is outdated and expensive for you?

With Station 24, you always have the latest and most advanced version of the system tailored to your business. You pay monthly and do not have any hidden costs of using the system.

Do you want to unite your business in one place?

With Station 24, successfully unite your business organizations for catering. Successfully run the business of your cafes, restaurants or similar catering facilities from one place.

With Station 24

all your resources are in the position of empowering your business.


With Station 24 you can manage all kinds of orders, menus, shifts, tables, invoices, payments at all points. Your waiters, bartenders and other staff achieve stronger communication with guests, while all of the requirements are being executed by the software.


With Station 24 you reach the minimum time required to take over the order. The user interface is simple and intuitive, and does not require training staff.


Temporary internet connection loss do not affect Station 24 software: you can proceed with receiving orders and printing invoices. All valid orders will be synchronized with Cloud and will appear in the control console after the connection is restored. We have provided our users the highest level of customer support 24/7.

Station 24

suitable for every type of catering business

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